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Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair Service, Tampa Bay

Irrigation Maintenance

One of the most critical elements to maintaining your lawn and garden involves a properly functioning irrigation system. Irrigation systems at your Tampa area home or business require constant maintenance. If you need an irrigation or sprinkler repair and maintenance company in Tampa Bay, call Bay Area Lawn & Pest Control Services. We will provide all aspects of irrigation repairs such as the repair of broken sprinkler heads and pipes, we will set or repair timer boxes, adjust zone coverage and maintain and inspect your irrigation system to ensure proper watering. When your sprinklers don’t work properly, they are not only wasting one of our most precious resources, but damaged or malfunctioning irrigation systems can also be costing you more money by harming your landscape.

Tampa’s Bay Area Lawn & Irrigation Maintenance Program. 

We start with inspecting your entire irrigation system to verify that it delivers the proper amount of water to your entire lawn and that the settings are seasonally adjusted to compensate for Tampa, Florida’s unique conditions. We will then provide a customized plan for any irrigation and sprinkler repair needed to bring your irrigation system up to optimum working condition. Then, our ongoing irrigation and sprinkler service program includes:

• Irrigation system inspections for leaks or failures
• Routine adjustments and cleaning of sprinkler heads
• Adjustments to your irrigation system timer based on seasonal weather
patterns and local watering  restrictions

Irrigation Service and Sprinkler System Repairs

We provide all types of sprinkler system repair. Heads, valves, timers, sprinklers, pipes and drip. We can work and fix all types of systems. We service all brands of sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Irrigation Service/Repairs:

• Existing Sprinkler System renovations.
• Full system analysis/troubleshooting.
• Clean, flush and adjust sprinkler heads.
• Repair or replacement of leaking or broken sprinkler
• Adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage and
minimal waste.
• Repair broken or leaking pvc pipes.
• Repair or replacement of sprinkler timers &
• Electrical troubleshooting.
• Valve and Solenoid repair or replacement due to
leaking, low pressure, not coming on or not shutting
• Wire locating valves.
• Adding, moving and raising sprinklers.

From broken sprinkler heads to irrigation installation services,
we’ve got it covered.

Irrigation System Tune Up Special

• Clean and adjust all heads Verify proper control valve operation.
• Straighten heads as necessary.
• Check timer settings and reset as requested and/or per water restrictions Survey property for leaks.
• Inspect all other mechanical systems for defects.

The Following Irrigation Service is available as:
Monthly Maintenance, Quarterly, or 1x Annually:

• Clean and adjust heads, inspect heads & nozzles for damage.
• Raise donuts & pack dirt around head.
• Check to make sure all control valves operate properly.
• Straighten heads that have been run over.
• Survey property for an leaks.
• Program timers for new sod/landscaping and time changes.
• Inspect all other mechanical systems for defects.