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Lawn Maintenance Land O Lakes and Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Lawn Maintenance and Pest Control, Land O Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel

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Many people don’t think that keeping their lawn maintained can prevent many bug and pest problems both outdoors and inside your home. Often times when customers have an infestation we find that the problem began with a lawn that had too much overgrowth or areas that needed to be trimmed back or poor lawn health. Nesting grounds differ for many pests and Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control Services in Land O Lakes, Florida knows how to identify and weed out those problem areas in your lawn, as well as in the interior of your home or business.

Pest Control Begins with a Healthy Lawn

Things that you can do to help prevent an insect or rodent infestation is to remove or inspect wood piles that are close to your home and to remove any piles of leaves or other type of lawn debris which are perfect hiding and breeding areas for certain insects as well as rodents. Overgrowth and an unhealthy lawn can be a perfect place for the reproduction of pests that will eventually make their way into your home if not rectified.Before you know it, you will have an bug infestation that may prove difficult to eliminate without hiring a professional exterminator in Land O Lakes.

Our lawn maintenance division at Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control offers services such as mowing, trimming, weed control landscaping and fertilization. Keeping a healthy lawn and garden truly helps to keep infestations at bay and is just one step in preventative maintenance for pest control at your home or place of business. If you are experiencing pests in your garden such as white fly, keep in mind that white fly MUST be treated by a professional pest control company. Florida has over 75 types of whiteflies and they will wipe out your trees, shrubs, plants within no time. If you notice yellowing of leaves, dropping of leaves, look for whiteflies. If you suspect you have white fly infestation, call our Land O Lakes Pest Control service at (813)920-6008 or visit

Once your lawn is maintained and trimmed up, consider our perimeter pest control treatment.
Our monthly visits will control insects on the outside to prevent the spread of pests indoors. Our affordable Land O Lakes Monthly Pest Control Services and monthly lawn spraying services includes lawn fertilization, insect control, disease control, weed control, shrub care.

Bay Area Lawn and Pest provides lawn care and pest control services in Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Trinity and throughout Tampa Bay. Call us today to find out if you’re in our service area and let us provide you with a free inspection and evaluation of your lawn and pest control needs!

Bay Area Lawn and Pest has been providing pest control services in the Tampa Bay Area for 18 years. We Know Florida Lawns and Pests! 

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