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Lawn Care Tampa- Chinch Bug Control

Lawn Care Tampa– Chinch Bug Control

The southern chinch bug, also known as the Blissus insularis, is a difficult-to-control and damaging insect.  It’s favorite food source is your Tampa, Florida lawn, particularly if you have St. Augustine grass. Feeding on the liquids within the sheath of yur grass leaves kills the grass, thus making room for weeds. The Chinch bug can invade a beautiful lawn and destroy it in no time. It is important that your lawn care and pest control company in Tampa bay can exterminate these pests by applying insecticides to keep these bugs at bay. IFAS reccommends that you hire a pest control or lawn care company in Tampa bay to implement an insecticide resistant management program to keep your grass healthy and chinch bug population low.

Saving Your “Grass”
Pest Control Services Tampa, Keeping Your Lawn Pest Free 

In north-central Florida Southern chinch bug activity occurs from March through November. In Southern and west central Florida including Tampa Bay, the Chinch Bug activity occurs all year.
One generation of Chinch bugs may last 6-8 weeks in hot temperatures, causing even more damage to your Tampa bay lawn. So how do you get rid of Chinch bugs and save your grass?

Lawn Pest Identification
There are many insects that live in your Florida St. Augustine lawn that can be confused with chinch bugs. Adult southern chinch bug’s bodies are black in color are about 1/8 to 1/10 of an inch long with folded flat wings on their back. They are shiny and white with black triangular marking on the outer edge of their wings. Their wings may be long or short. Chinch bug eggs are white when they are first laid. Just before the eggs hatch, they will turn bright orange and will hatch within 6-13 days and nyphs, which are red/orange will have a white band on their backs and will mature in four to five weeks. Chinch bug Eggs hatch within 6-13 days (average = 10 days), and nymphs mature and become darker in color in 4-5 weeks and then will turn black.

If you think that chinch bugs cannot destroy your lawn in Tampa Florida… think again. The adult female may live up to two months and lay 250-300 eggs in it’s lifetime and their steady diet will become your lawn! It is imperative that you hire a Tampa lawn and pest control service to exterminate and control lawn eating insects like the chinch bug. The cost of lawn pest control is affordable compared to replacing your Tampa bay area lawn! Bay Area Lawn & Pest Control Services provide total lawn care and pest control services, including “certified” irrigation repair and installation services in Tampa, Lutz, and Land O Lakes. Our affordable pest control services are designed to keep Tampa bay home and business owner’s lawns pest free and beautiful! We follow Certified Florida Green Management Best Practices and policies to ensure that our pest control services are healthy for you and your pets. Call us today at  813-920-6008 to schedule a pest control service in Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes.

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