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Florida and bugs… they seem to go hand in hand. If you’re outdoors in your lawn and garden, you’re surely more apt to get to know them, especially if you are having trouble in your garden and are experiencing a loss of landscape ornamentals due to outdoor pests.

Although there are many beneficial pests in your Florida lawn, there are others that will take over and cause problems in your garden. Here we’ll discuss just two major pests that our outdoor pest control services can manage. Please visit for more information about our Land O Lakes Pest Control Services.


Aphids are one such insect that are problematic in lawns and gardens. Aphids are soft bodied, pear-shaped insects. Aphids are less than 1/8 of an inch long and feed on the stems of infested plants including citrus trees. Ask about our regular or green pest controlmanagement to get rid of aphids or other pests in your garden.

The southern chinch bug. Chinch bug is highly damaging to St. Augustine grass but can also feed on also feed on bahiagrass, centipedegrass, bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. It’s often difficult-to-control and is at it’s peek in Florida from March to November. Proper identification of chinch bug infestation is crucial as many other outdoor pests can cause similar damage. Let an experienced Land O Lakes pest control company provide you with a free evaluation to help you to determine the type of lawn pest or disease you may have. You’ve spent a lot of money on establishing your lawn, and when Chinch bugs take hold it can destroy it in no time. Choosing an integrated pest management program, or insecticide resistance management program to keep the grass healthy and chinch bug populations at bay!


White Fly: There are different types of Florida whitefly (as if one type isn’t bad enough) There is the Ficus whitefly, Rugose spiraling whitefly and Bondar’s nesting whitefly as well as others. If you’re noticing a decline in plant health, such as leaf decay, leaf drop, yellowing of leafs you could have whitefly. The Florida Department of Agriculture keeps track of confirmed whitefly populations. They show confirmed Ficus Whitefly in Pasco County, Florida. If you want detailed information about Florida Whitefly can be devastating. If you suspect whitefly, it’s imperative to treat to ensure that your trees and garden don’t fall victim to an infestation. Although hard to control, Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control services in Land O Lakes can help you take steps to identifying and controlling whitefly.

If you’re in need of outdoor pest control , perimeter pest control or ornamental pest control for trees, ornamental shrubs and controlling ornamental pests, contact Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control. We provide indoor and outdoor pest control services in Lutz, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel to Trinity. We’re East Pasco’s Pest Control Company, keeping bugs at bay for nearly two decades!

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